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One thing I can't stand is photographers          asking for your "investment"

What's this all going to cost me?

I can't stand photographers asking for your investment!

thank you!

message sent!

I love weddings and I love photography but this is my full-time job, I'm not a plumber in the week, so I do have to make a charge for my services (unless you have something ace to swap, it has been known!?) So let's talk money. I don't do Gold, Silver or Rust packages but I am flexible & I'm offering to attend your wedding, with camera, for anything from 3 hours to 3 days so if you love my work,
let me know, make me an offer or ask for a quote & I am sure we can agree a reasonable price! Mark x

Text "is my date free" followed by your date to 07585 333233 for a quick date check

Make me an offer
(a sensible one!)