That's me (on the left)

this is us



Instead of some arty black & white portrait of me with my camera here are some photos of me in action kindly submitted by wedding guests.

The self indulgent bit

This is the bit where I tell you how my love of photography started in my Granddads darkroom taking snaps on a Kodak Instamatic aged 8.
I'm afraid that's not true.
I wanted to be in the music business; not as a musician but as a promoter, a record label boss or even to own a record shop!
I have however been a full-time professional photographer for 25+ years now, don't worry I'm not ancient , I'm a very young 40-something
I did however start my career as a film photographer, shooting weddings on medium format film, a perfect way to hone the craft of seeing & capturing light; film is a very unforgiving format so you learn quick & well.

Now I go on to inform you of how I love chocolate & coffee (and let's be honest who doesn't?)
But if you're really interested my biggest love is for my work (after my wife & kids!), followed by my hobby of Scottish Island bagging (25 done..675 to go), and my weird music taste.
My alter ego is Mark from Exeter on Steve Lamacq's show, being a regular contributor to the 6 Music "National Anthem" contest & a guest on his "good day, bad day" segment.
I love Sleaford Mods, Teleman & Leftfield, reggae, rap & punk music & used to play bass in a punk band in the 80's
I'm very personable & friendly (I would say that) with an unhealthy knowledge of weddings having photographed over 1500 of them.  

We live and breathe Weddings in our household. 
I have been in the wedding business for 28 years & my wife 
Natasha has been a wedding florist for 20 years, and is now one of the worlds leading 
alternative bouquet makers. Have a look at her work, we offer discounts for joint flower/photo bookings!