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Rather than some arty black & white portrait of me I asked my couples to supply photos of me working at their wedding snapped by their guests. These are some of the results just in case you were interested in what I look like at work.

I'm Mark. AKA (my 6 music alter ego Mark in Exeter) If you listen to 6 music as I do, I am the guy who bothers Steve Lamacq almost daily, I was on Good Day Bad Day on his show and have won the National Anthem feature as well. This is not a new thing, my biggest claim to fame is winning Ken Bruce's Headline Hunt three times.  If I hadn't become a photographer 27 years ago I think I would have liked a career as a slogan writing ad man or radio DJ, although my English teacher predicted I would become a roadie.

So this is the bit where I tell you that I got into photography when I was 6 in my Granddads darkroom, and that I am hooked on decent coffee and dark chocolate (so indulgent yet so predicable). I never knew my Granddads, I have one coffee a day (although I can't stand instant) & love all sweets, but who doesn't?

Aside from photography which has been my full-time career job since 1990 I have weird music taste and I am a petrolhead. As well as a reliable daily drive (don't want to break down going to your wedding!) I also have a TVR for fun, my favourite car make.

I started Evolve in 2001 about the same time we made the full transition from film to digital. In my career I have photographer over 1500 weddings, have had my work in every national newspaper as well as some front pages and photographed for a range of clients from BT & McAlpine to Network Rail & Barclays Bank. 

I started teaching photography via Devon Photography School in 2014 and have taught & been a mentor to many photographers. I have helped many amateur photographers quit their jobs set up in business and become direct competition to Evolve. I think decent quality competition is good for everyone it raises the standard & keeps us all  on our toes and weeds out the bad photographers eventually.

Although born & bred Oxford I now live in Devon,  very happily married to very talented Natasha from Pumpkin & Pye and have two sons Obie & Enzo who are both infinitely better at football than their dad!

I have given photography talks to camera clubs & WI's through-out the South West, mostly on my photographs from Chernobyl and have used this opportunity to raise money for charity usually children's like Children's Hospice South West.

I will always be early to your wedding, I am early to everything and despite the fact that I was in a punk band when I was 15 when I attend your wedding I will be in a suit and tie, it's much easier to blend in with your guests this way and I think respectful (and I love dressing smart!) 

I also love animals we have 8 cats, 4 chickens & 4 ducks. 

My favorite place in the world is The Outer Hebrides, I have been several times and love to photograph the abandoned crofts there.

So there you go. That is me. Follow me on Instagram for a visual insight!  I remain good friends with a lot of my couples, we interact and speak for years after their wedding and to me this is testament to the relationship we build before and on their wedding day.

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